“To call Galvan a brilliant dancer is like saying Einstein was pretty good at physics. I have never seen anything remotely like him. What propels him into the league of genius is his pinpoint precision, his absolute mastery of balance and poise […] Absolutely breathtaking.” Daily Express, 2011

The son of renowned dancers, Israel Galván developed a masterful command of the flamenco language, emerging as one of the greatest innovators and artists in the world of flamenco. Blending hundred-year-old patterns and styles with absolute freedom and ease, Galvan dismantles the genre’s traditions and builds them anew with his own contemporary signature.

FLA.CO.MEN examines the relationship between one of the most essential elements of flamenco – its music, and the body of the flamenco dancer. Galván’s own body becomes a musical instrument, indivisible from the array of 6 musicians and singers with him on stage. With pulsating virtuosity, Galván takes both his identity and body apart, conducting an intense conversation with each musician on stage. The result is a hypnotizing fragmentation process that dismantles flamenco and transports it to the sphere of jazz and rock, creating a collage in which body and music blend into something new and unique.

This performance pushes the boundaries of flamenco, moving between drama and comedy, between abstract and palpable. Galván is a riveting artist who brings the immense passion of this genre to the stage, proving that even within the framework of tradition there is no limit to innovation.

In 2016, the Spanish Government awarded Galván the Fine Arts Medal as well as a special award in gratitude for his contribution to Andalusian culture.

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