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Held for the 61st consecutive year, the Israel Festival is a staple of Israel’s cultural calendar and for years has set the gold standard for artistic excellence in Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. A perennial spirit of regeneration and curiosity propels the entire organization to acts of precision, thoughtful exploration, and learning, making the festival a world-renowned event. 
Every year, the festival program comprises existing or original works in an extraordinarily broad range of artistic and stage disciplines, showcasing new artistic trends and stage languages as well as outstanding classical pieces.  Alongside and through this artistic excellence, the festival champions understanding, tolerance and multiculturalism, and serves as a professional platform for an encounter and a dialogue. Over 35,000 people visit the festival each year, and tens of thousands are exposed to the ripples of its activity throughout Israel.

The diversity of cultural proposals featured in the festival attracts cultural consumers, professionals, public opinion leaders, families and a loyal audience that has been walking with the festival for decades, flocking to the shows from all over Israel.
The festival also has close ties with social organizations, community administrations, and labor unions, universities and art schools throughout Israel. We consider it our responsibility to use the platform given to us to promote social awareness and educational, community, and environmental values. Special attention is given to making the festival accessible to a wide range of audiences by subsidizing tickets for disadvantaged populations, people with special needs, the elderly, soldiers, students and more.
The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, embassies and businesses, and is a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and the Silk Road Festivals Association.

Change. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.
A small change, or a dramatic one. One that is aesthetic, or essential. A tangible change, or a change in thinking. Change – or at the very least, a step towards it – that’s what we are seeking. We want things to seep in, drop by drop, in their own time. We want for things to move slowly through the corridors of our consciousness and through the maze of our perceptions and preconceptions.
This year’s festival includes fifteen works made of water and spirit. Fifteen works from Israel and around the world that have been meticulously hand-picked and developed. A mixture of spectacular, large-scale cultural happenings and personal, intimate performances. Almost all the works occur in one place – the Jerusalem Theater: on its stages, beside them, above them, underneath them. A splendid spectrum of artists gathering for a precise, singular moment in time invite us to connect, to lean in, to let go. Their works strive to crack conventions, and plant seeds of change.
In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Eyal Sher, Itay Mautner, Michal Vaknin

The Israel Festival Team

The Israel Festival was founded by the late Aaron Zvi Propes. The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, embassies, private and public foundations and corporate partners. 

Eyal Sher, General Director | Michal Vaknin and Itay Mautner, Artistic Directors |  Miri Menirav, Producer | Vered Daya, Marketing Director | Merav Kedar, Sales Director | Saar Gamzo, Communication director | Adva Weinstein, Program Manager and Artists Relations | Gavriel Goodman and Maayan Navon, Acting Producer |  Aviva Nir-Giladi, Assistant to the General Director | Dina Ashkenazi, Account
| Liora Mesilati, Marketing & SalesManager

Board Members: Adv. Inbar Nacht, Chairwoman | Idit Amichay | Adv. Imry Ben-Ami | Adv. Gil Brandes | Yoram Braverman | Orly Doron | Dr. Tal Kohavi | Yossi Lubaton | Hedai Ofaimme | Adv. Asaf Shariv | Miryam  Steinitz | Anat Turbowicz | Mishael Vaknin
Observer: Anat Gilead
Audit Committee: Prof. Leah Achdut | Adv. Ruth Horn

PR: Lapidot Public Relations – Ora Lapidot, Adi Tzoref-Feldman
PR Russian Sector: Sofia Nimelstein
Graphic Design: Nomi Geiger, Studio Gimel2 & Gil Warnik
Website: R2K – Rotem Tal, Khalil Jarban
Digital & Social Media: 6 Degs – Eyal Bason
Content Writing: Itay Mautner
Copy Editor: Gal Kusturica
English Translation: Maya Shimony
Arabic Translation: Sectors – Metanes (Tony) Farah
Tickets: Bimot
CPA: Avraham Bechar & Co.
Internal Auditor: Michael Gal, CPA
Legal Counsel: Adv. Tamar Fineberg

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