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Israel Festival Accessibility Arrangements

The Israel Festival non-profit organization is devoting maximum effort and extensive resources to provide our clients and associates with access to services in a professional, egalitarian and respectable manner. In accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons With Disabilities act of 1998 as well as subsequent accessibility regulations, we are taking major steps to improve our accessibility standards, so that any disabled person will be able to use our services with independence and ease.

Structural Accessibility Arrangements

The Israel Festival office is not open to the public and does not accept meetings in person.
Leading up to the 2021 festival we will be publishing detailed accessibility information for all festival venues.

Accessible Customer Service

  • Staff Accessibility Training – We hold regular training sessions to inform and familiarize our staff with all aspects of accessibility, helping them develop awareness and giving them practical tools to give fully accessible customer service.
  • Fully Accessible Telephone Terminal – Our automated answering service has been updated with clearly audible instructions, and elimination of all background music.
  • Alternative Contact Options – There are additional, easy ways to contact us available at all times:

o via Email –

o via our website’s ‘Contact’ page –

Website Accessibility 

An accessible website allows persons with disabilities and senior citizens to use its services with the same level of ease and enjoyment that any other user would have. According to research held by Microsoft in 2003, around 20%-25% of the population encounter issues while using many internet services, and could greatly benefit from accessible content. The Israel Festival non-profit organization believes in equal-opportunity use of the web and strives to assist persons with any type of disability and those using assistive computer technology.

Website Accessibility Information

  • This website meets all Service Accessibility Adjustments (2013) regulations.
  • Accessibility adjustments have been made in accordance with the Israeli Standard 5568 for accessible web content, as well as the international WCAG 2.0 at an AA level.
  • Testing for the highest level of compatibility was run using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • This site provides the semantic structures required for assistive computer technology, and utilizes standard keyboard operation using the arrow keys for navigation, and the Enter and Esc to access and close menus and windows.
  • This site has been adapted to display on all popular web browsers, as well as full support for mobile use.
  • For optimal use with screen-reading software, we recommend using the lastest version of NVDA.
  • Documents and videos uploaded before October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you encounter such content, please contact our accessibility representative (as detailed below) and we will make sure it is made accessible to you.
  • Accessible Information Formatting – We offer our customers information in accessible formats. This is provided free of charge and is primarily for disabled persons. For further details and information, please contact our accessibility representative as detailed below.
  • Accessibility consultation and testing was provided by A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Digital Marketing.

Requests and Suggestions in Regards to Accessibility

We are constantly striving to improve accessibility in all aspects of our activities and services, as part of our dedication to provide the entire population – including persons with disabilities – with the most accessible service available.

If you have encountered any issue or error regarding accessibility, we would be happy to hear your feedback, and will make any effort needed to find a solution and fix the issue for you as soon as we can.

Israel Festival Accessibility Representative

Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement was updated on June 17th 2022.

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