The sensational opera-performance and winner of the Golden Lion Award at the 2019 Venice Biennale in its Israeli debut. A lyrical, sober, and birds-eye view on the climate crisis. 

“The award-winning opera-performance Sun & Sea brings vacationers to an artificial, indoor beach, as they appear to ignore an impending climate catastrophe.” (Jason Farago, The New York Times)

Imagine a beach.
Imagine a mosaic of towels, bathing suits, sunscreens, children, popsicles, toys and sand, lots and lots of sand. Now imagine yourself four meters above the beach, circling overhead, walking around to view from different perspectives. Below you, a long line of singers/holidaymakers/bathers singing. The alluring harmonies and melodic stories slink between the mundane, the satirical, and the surreal. 

This is the world of Sun & Sea – an opera-performance that won the Golden Lion Award in the 2019 Venice Biennale, and has since set up its traveling beach on the world’s leading festivals and stages.  

Sun & Sea – the fascinating work of three Lithuanian artists, touches the heart of the climate crisis that looms over all of us. With elegant sophistication, devious subtext, and an honest, straight forwrad commitment for change, Sun & Sea offers a gripping, entertaining, disturbing and spectacular entry point into the critical climate debate.

Free admission for all to Sun & Sea through the generosity of Wendy Fisher and The Kirsh Foundation.

With thanks to The Jerusalem Foundation for its ongoing support.

Show dates:
15/9 – 19:00-22:30
16/9 – 11:30-15:00
17/9 – 20:30-23:30
18/9 – 19:00-22:30
19/9 – 18:00-21:30


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