A bittersweet lament for parents, children and the time that binds them

“Where’s Mom? Why hasn’t she come home yet?”
“Mom is dead Dad, we just came back from her funeral”
This strange conversation, combining drama and dark humor, is where we enter the story.

Sit back and let’s start from the beginning— life isn’t what we had planned. Mom died too soon, Dad’s memory is going. Short Term deals with just this—the fragility of it all, time that won’t stand still for even a second.We, the audience, find ourselves on stage quicker than we expected. Inside the parents’ house. We can walk around the rooms, rummage through drawers and cabinets, take a seat on one of the chairs, and put on a pair of headphones. We can hear an endless loop of conversations, all dealing with the father whose memory is fading. The conversations reaffirm the truth we’d rather close our eyes to: time has no mercy. With every passing day something else disappears, and another detail fades. What are we left with at the end?

Semyon Alexandrovsky is a bold and unique voice in contemporary theater. His works ask the audience to take an active part in the performance. Short Term has been performed on different stages throughout Europe. This local adaptation was prepared especially for the Israel Festival.

A Look to the Horizon – original Israeli productions, with the support of the MART Foundation

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