Sara Siegel transports her living room onto the stage, creating a multidisciplinary show that delves into memory humor, and fantasy, together with a troupe of performers and one dog.

Sara Siegel reclines on two armchairs that have been pushed together in the middle of a living room overlooking Nachlaot, reluctant to move so as to not lose memories. The living room belongs to Sara’s Nonna (grandmother); an eccentric Holocaust survivor who retained her passion for life despite traumas. She instructed Sara to keep her living room exactly as it was, even if only for one day after she died.
Sara remains in the same living room, in the same pose. It’s time to move, to leave, but she is afraid that if she does, she’ll lose Nonna forever. And so, she brings the living room with her on stage, and creates a tornado made up of all the things Nonna left behind. A tornado that starts in the living room, is sucked into a toilet, soars over the rainbow and after numerous escapades, returns home.

Sara Siegel’s new work is another chapter in her fascinating-moving-invigorating-terrifying exploration of her own private family and past. In a unique and effortless language, she weaves together theatre, performance, video, and cabaret, moving across a stage strewn with details, objects, and performers. Just like in life, actions occur simultaneously, and the audience chooses where to look.

The performance was first created as part of Siegel’s studies at the School of Visual Theater and then further development as part of the Israel Festival.

An Israel Festival original production co-produced with the School of Visual Theater

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