“Quesne’s moles plunge the theatre into the depths of humanity”

Philippe Quesne returns to Jerusalem with Night of the Moles, where he creates a subterranean world – home to a family of giant moles who start a rock band.

With his distinct style, Quesne’s extraordinary audio-visual language transforms the theatre into a giant cave, evoking mythological and allegorical imagery. In this cave that represents all caves, from a prehistoric dwelling through Plato’s cave to a nuclear bunker, the moles live their magical and mischievous, yet melancholic and lonely life.

Night of the Moles is a labyrinthine nocturnal journey through a utopian microcosm, a place of fantasy and reveries alongside reflections on the darker aspects of human existence. For Quesne’s moles, it seems that the worst has already happened. Now they start over, industrially building and demolishing, and we are invited to join them in the depths of the earth for a celebration of the first, or perhaps the last, underworld rock concert

In the past two decades Phillipe Quesne has been one of the most prolific producers in Europe. Since 2014, he serves as director of the Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre in France. His unique creative process is rooted in the observation of trivial phenomena and everyday rituals, which he transforms into a visual theatre that interweaves melancholy and joy.

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