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Special Projects

Art routinely looks at the familiar, asks questions, and suggests other ways of thinking and living. In times of crisis, the role of art becomes even more relevant and necessary.
Many of us are concerned with the question of routine and challenges summoned by the new reality shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The questions that come to the fore concern the essence of the routine that shaped our lives before the crisis, questions such as: How do we go back to the routine we knew? Do we really go back to the same routine? And also, how did the period affect the dialogue of each of us with the setting within which we operate and with the different systems underlying that routine?
In keeping with this spirit, the Israel Festival launches two projects and a day of activities, thinking, and creation – aimed at opening spaces of dialogue between different communities, and bringing together these communities and the practical tools and knowledge that art offers for dealing with social and personal issues.


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