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    A sizzling celebration of local hip hop culture in an original music event at Talpiot Industrial Area, featuring Echo, Jimbo J, Nechi Nech, System Ali, Peled, Cafe Shahor Hazak, Karolina, Shaanan Street & Guy Mar, and more. Leading Hip Hop artists, DJs, breakdance, and projection mapping artists respond to the ultimate text that begs responding to as part of Israel 70th anniversary celebrations – Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

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  • צילום: אלכס תמיר

    Bach in Ein Karem

    One of the jewels of Jerusalem, the Eden Tamir Music Center was founded in 1968 by duo-pianists Pianist Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir in an ancient house surrounded by a charming garden at the picturesque Ein Karem neighborhood. The Israel Festival will host three Friday concerts devoted to the opus of Johann Sebastian Bach and performed by leading Israeli musicians.

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    Poem Balev

    The Israel Festival hosts Peom Balev with Saturday concerts of original music and new arrangements by three Israeli composers, in collaboration with the Felicja Blumental Music Centre. The program features music by Menachem Wiesenberg, who composed and arranged many Israeli classics, the violinist and composer of Classical Arabic music Sami Kheshaiboun, and an Israeli debut of two works by Joseph Bardanashvili, one of Israel’s leading classical composers.

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    Opening Show

    The three divas of Israeli music – Dikla, Miri Mesika, and Nasreen Qadri – meet on one stage in a show that goes back to their musical roots with songs from the extensive repertoire of each singer. Come and celebrate the feminine voices that shape, influence, and transform Israel’s local cultural landscape. 

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  • photo by Mike Vonotkov
    Several events

    Remote Jerusalem

    The experience of getting lost in the city has become near impossible thanks to the abundance of easily available mapping technologies. Rather than find our way tentatively, wander along unfamiliar paths, we are led to our destinations by apps that guarantee robot-like precision and efficiency.

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  • 550X310 חדש

    Language of the Future

    Groundbreaking multidisciplinary artist Laurie Anderson presents her iconic solo performance, delving into the heart of American narrative and the roots of contemporary culture. In The Language of the Future, Anderson dissects the here and now, intertwining stories, music, and interactive videos to create a poignant and mesmerizing experience.

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  • photo by Lisa Rastl
    Several events

    Bodies in Urban Spaces

    Choreographer Willi Dorner invites us on a physical, ephemeral intervention in Jerusalem’s public space. In this performative tour, Dorner and 15 local dancers lead a group along a site-specific walk, during which they create physical compositions that reframe Jerusalem’s urban architecture.

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  • photo by Oskar Hekcel


    Through a small porthole, in a show for an audience of one, an entire world of miniature objects theatre unfolds the story of Sputnik – the first satellite launched into outer space in 1957. Mir Theatre built a tiny theatre that tells big stories, where changing backdrops take one viewer on a magical journey among the stars. 

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  • פסטיבל ישראל הנסיך הקטן לכל המשפחה bhora-olamit-smalls-white
    Several events

    The Little Prince

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince is one of the greatest classics ever written for children, and for adults who have never lost touch with the world of childhood. This original and moving show for the whole family breathes a new life in the timeless Little Prince. Director Yonatan Levy collaborates with sand artist Ilana Yahav to create an imaginative musical-theatrical adaptation of the classic novel.

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  • Piero di Cosimo,The Building of a Palace, c.1515-20 bhora-olamit-smalls-white

    Canine Jaunâtre 3

    Following her performance at the 2016 Israel Festival with Of Ivory and Flesh - Statues also Suffer, Ohad Naharin invited groundbreaking choreographer Monteiro Fritas to create a new piece for the Batsheva Dance Company, which will be performed in a world premiere at the Jerusalem Festival.

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  • קרדיט יוסף קריספל bhora-olamit-smalls-white

    In the Footsteps of a Legend

    Singer Shlomi Saranga comes full circle. In an extraordinary show that interweaves rare video footage with personal stories, and songs, he returns to his “spiritual father” Stelios Kazantzidis – one of Greece’s greatest singers, whose songs are a mainstay of the national Greek soundtrack.

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  • צילום: אפרת מזור bhora-olamit-smalls-white

    The Third Dance

    Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor return to the Israel Festival with a new adaptation to Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal’s The Third Dance (1990). Six years after debuting their version of Dror and Ben-Gal’s Two Room Apartment – declared “Best Performance of the Year” by the Circle of Israeli Dance Critics (2013) – Sheinfeld and Laor meet for another creative collaboration on one stage.

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  • חמסה 550X310

    Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa

    Celebrating the opening of the exhibition Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa at the Museum for Islamic Art, we invite you to a night of spells, superstitions, folklore, and amulets. Throughout the night, graduates of the School of Visual Theatre will present five original performances that respond to the exhibits.

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  • צלם: יאיר מיוחס bhora-olamit-smalls-white
    Several events


    After five years of meticulous handcrafting, Amit Drori presents Monkeys, a show that explores the superhuman, which puts 12 performers on one stage – three people and nine monkey robots.

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  • צילום: אנדריו מלכובסקי

    The Dybbuk 1937-2017

    Written by S. Ansky in the early 20th century, The Dybbuk or Between Two Worlds has become one of the canonical plays of both Hebrew and Yiddish theatre, inspiring adaptations, scholarships, and artworks to this day. In this contemporary adaptation, Leah and Hannan’s tragic love story takes on a different form and a surprising new ending.

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  • Photo by Efrat Mazor bhora-olamit-blk

    While The Fireflies Disappear

    Marking Inbal Dance Theater’s 70th Anniversary, choreographer Mor Shani and Inbal's dancers present a show that maintains the delicate, flickering quality of “vanishing dance traditions” while exploring the new possibilities they offer. A revisit of dance and movement foundations established by the company’s founder, choreographer, and Israel Prize laureate Sara Levi-Tanai, the show breathes a new life in local traditions that resonate global zeitgeist.

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  • Photo by Martin Šandera


    What would happen if we were given the opportunity to go back in time? Would we change something in our past? And what would happen if we could look forward to our future selves? Would we change anything in the present? Using original artistic language, Guide turns the spotlight on sensations and questions concerning the decisions we make, placing them in a playful setting and giving them a spectacular expression that flows freely between the past, future, and present.

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  • photo by Florian Kraus


    Five Nigerian boys meet a heavyset white German who offers them chocolate, thus setting in motion an alternately terrifying, amusing and fascinating, intercultural dynamic mediation on postcolonial guilt and disenchantments.  A unique collaboration between German theatre collective Monster Truck and Nigerian choreographer Segun Adefila, and a rare glimpse into contemporary Nigerian dance.

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  • photo by Simon Hallstorm

    King Size

    A gaudy hotel room, complete with floral wallpapers and a king size bed. In this seemingly relaxed, bourgeoise setting, two men and two women break into a wild and eclectic musical performance that nods to the tradition of vaudeville, stringing together folksongs, classical works, and pop music.

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  • 7.620:00

    Madama Butterfly

    The Israel Festival is proud to host the Jerusalem Opera Festival and the Israeli Opera in a spectacular production of Madama Butterfly, one of the most loved operas. Madama Butterfly is based on a short story by John Luther Long, inspired by real-life accounts of travelers who joined the American navy. Set in late-19th century Nagasaki, the opera recounts the story of Cio Cio San (Madama Butterfly in Japanese) who falls in love and marries a U.S. naval officer named Pinkerton.

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  • photo: Carol rosseg


    A musical odyssey straight from Broadway, starring Josh Young and Nya Trysha. The real-life story of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, one of the greatest Jewish Orthodox musicians in the 20th century, and his surprising friendship with the legendary jazz singer Nina Simon. A celebration of groove for the soul and a tribute to two icons who wanted to make a difference through their music.

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  • photo: Ars electronica

    Digital Landscape Music

    A magical, immersive concert combining live music with giant digital projections. Located at the heart of Istanbul, Nohlab studio consists of Candaş Şişman and Deniz Kader, who have been working together for over a decade. The two, whose works have been featured in prominent international festivals including Ars Electronica, BAM, and Signal, strive to create a holistic experience comprised of sound and visuals, and explore how they can integrate another layer in reality.

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  • photo: courtesy of Johnny Green and Tate Modern

    (Untitled) (2000)

    Tino Sehgal's pivotal solo performance (Untitled) (2000) returns to the stage 18 years after its debut. Etched into the cultural memory as a "museum of dance," this is the last stage piece that Sehgal created and performed, just before he shifted to the world of visual art and conceived a new artistic form, dubbed "constructed situations."

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  • photo by Mathide Darel


    In a picturesque, Romantic winter landscape, director and choreographer Gisèle Vienne brings together two teenage boys, man-size dolls, dancers, and the doom metal duo KTL. Snow and darkness envelop the stage as we are swept into a tumultuous emotional labyrinth, where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred.

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  • darkdive-550_310

    Darkness Dive

    The rave is the exciting final chord of "Mishmeret Layla" (Night shift) landing in the middle of the Theatre with dance, performance, video and stars. A turbulent night to remember.

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  • photo by Ursula Kaufmann

    10000 Gestures

    10000 Gestures centers around disappearance – dance as a body-based genre whose basic elements are gestures, condemned to symbolical disappearance. Charmatz calls it “the gift” of the dance world. To the strains of Mozart’s Requiem, in avant-garde costumes and with lighting that transforms the scene from a factory to an enchanting lake of reflections, Charmatz’s dancers enact an incredible collection of 10000 gestures, challenging our perception of dance.

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  • שבוע העיצוב
    Several events


    The Israel Festival and the Jerusalem Design Week present a special project in the outer courtyard of the Jerusalem Theater. Designed by Studio Magenta, the installation offers a new take on ping pong: deconstructing the elements of the game, reassembling them, and examining how we can approach it without the regulation, traditional equipment.

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