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Separate Reality/Shared Reality

Addam Yekutieli (Know Hope) > City Center

Over the past decade, artist Addam Yekutieli (Know Hope) formulated a visual language that examines and reflects on everyday life situations, and captures the idea of a collective human struggle.
During the artist residency, Addam Yekutieli invited the people of Jerusalem to answer some questions about the emotional effects of the Coronavirus period. He broke the answers into sentences, rearranged the sentences into stories comprised of answers of different people, and pinned the stories to billboards around the city center.
Every person has a different story from this period, conclusions that are unique to him or her, and a different effect on his or her life. The story of Coronavirus is a different story for each person, but it is also one story that has affected us all.
The work Separate Reality/Shared Reality describes the emotional gamut of the collective experience, and offers the residents of Jerusalem to contemplate their own personal story.
The stories will be pinned on billboard in the city center on 6/9. We invite you to wander between them and read the different stories.

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