Eight artists from different disciplines perform a stage response to their old VHS tapes.

With: Tal Friedman, Shirili Deshe, Roni Kuban, Renana Raz, Doron Nesher, Corrine Kitzis, Yossi Zabari, and Ofri Cnaani.

Deep in the back of every storage room hides a box with VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s. They used to be proudly displayed on the living room shelves. Time capsules with faded colors and flickering frames that captured fragments of life – family events,  exotic vacations, lost memories, regrettable hairstyles, first loves.

Renana Raz and Nitzan Cohen present a new stage format – VHS Manual: Blast from the past – a manual for encountering our past. They invite artists from different creative fields to go back in time, look for meaningful moments in their VHS tapes, and transform them into a living and breathing stage work, in the here and now.

A visual and visceral encounter with who we used to be and with the passage of time.

An Israel Festival Original Production

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