Duration: 95 min., with intermission
Choreographer Trisha Brown is a pioneer of postmodern dance, which first erupted in the 1960s with the work of Merce Cunningham. Brown and other groundbreaking artists of her generation expanded the limits of modern dance and bent its rules, transforming it in a revolutionary manner. Over the past 45 years, Brown has choreographed more than 100 dance performances, and was the first woman to receive the prestigious MacArthur “Genius Grant.” The Trisha Brown Dance Company’s performances at the Israel Festival are a rare opportunity – possibly the last one – to attend a company performance as part of its international tour.
The Israel Festival is proud to present an evening featuring four iconic works by Trisha Brown, which were created over the course of three decades:
You Can See Us – a duet originally performed by Trisha Brown and Bill T. Jones (1995), and performed at the Israel Festival by company dancers. With sets, costumes, and original music by the artist Robert Rauschenberg.
Son of Gone Fishin – one of Brown’s best-known works (1981). A choreography for six dancers that Brown herself describes as the “apogee of complexity.”
Rogues – a recently choreographed duet (2011). In this piece, Brown returns to the “soft sentence,” an early movement motif she created for a female dancer, and now reexamined in a performance by male dancers.
Set and Reset – A choreography for seven dancers considered to be Brown’s signature work (1983); another collaboration with the artist Robert Rauschenberg, with original music by Laurie Anderson.
*Special thanks to Friends of the Festival Ruth Cummings Sorensen, Jack and Judy Stern and Bill Erlich | With the support of the Philip & Muriel Berman Foundation and Nancy Berman,Nathan Cummings Foundation| In Collaboration with the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
*Special thanks to the U.S Embassy for its generous support

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