“… a challenging piece, rich with both visceral affective sensations and big questions about representation, safety, and spectatorship.”
Theatre Journal, 2018 

Suddenly Everywhere is Black with People, which debuted in the Belgian Kunstenfestival to critical and popular acclaim, examines the concept of togetherness in a human community. Inspired by Elias Canetti’s book Crowds and Power, renowned Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin investigates the mass as a coming together of singularities.

Five performers painted black from head to toe share a space with the audience. Moving as a single human body, they compel the viewers to constantly reposition themselves. In a fascinating reversal – a choreography of dancers becomes a choreography of a crowd.

In a black space encircled by white neon lights, Evelyn confronts us with one of the greatest human fears – the fear of the other and the unknown. Between darkness and light, Evelyn’s crowd takes on new forms that demand the audience’s dynamic and alert response as they enter the nonviolent sphere of a relationship with the other.

Suddenly Everywhere is Black with People is an unsettling invitation to look at the body as an open arena, where we can allow ourselves to surrender to the movement of the mass, to merge with the other, become the other, and bridge the gaps that we put between us.

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