EVE and ‘Dance Creatures’ discuss struggles of artists in Israel and around the world

Struggles. Let’s talk about them. A lot of these happen around us all the time, now more than ever. How do they find expression in art? How do they affect artists? We invite you to hear about the fascinating, binding and impossible connection between art and struggle, in two parts:

The first, frightening yet immensely important stories from around the world: Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Iran, Cuba – we’ll uncover a global story, crossing continents and borders that raise questions and possibilities of action. The result is the research of EVE artists, an organization of independent creators in the theater and performing arts.

In the second, live podcast ‘Dance Creatures’ will host leading local artists from a variety of disciplines, who will share their stories of struggle — some with successes, others without. Some share stories in which they came prepared to fight, while others found themselves unprepared, in the heart of a storm.

The event, open to the general public, will take place at the centre of the festival, where “Layers of Resistance” by Tant (Broken Fingaz) is exhibited: a collection of flags that raise questions about the meaning of the flag.

You’re invited to take a drink at the bar, sit down, and listen. Find partners for attitudes that match yours, meet among the speakers and the stories positions that are opposite to yours. Fill yourselves with insights, ways of doing things and warning lights. Sow the seeds of a new revolution.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/QUweGdh9YHvV6ASE9

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