Learning Songs

Nava Frenkel (Israel)

Duration: 80 minutes (without intermission)

American musician Louis Hardin (1916–1999), known as Moondog, was a brilliant, blind avant-garde composer, who walked the street of New York City wearing a cloak, a Viking-style helmet with horns, and a long white beard.  “The Viking of 6th Avenue” is the focus of a new theatrical work by contemporary writer and performance artist Nava Frenkel.

Through a series of meetings between Moondog (played by musician Yoni Silver) and the mother of a demanding toddler (played by Nava Frenkel and Shani Granot, respectively),  the mother is drawn into Moondog’s rich life experience and intriguing personality, gaining insight into her own day to day grind.  Yoni Silver arranged the music that Moondog left behind for two performers, who sing and play it on two pianos, drums, violin and bass clarinet.

Nava Frenkel’s theater is an experience of concrete minimalism. In her work, conversational language is deconstructed and flattened, creating new meaning and poetry, and the structures of family relationships are shown in a new light that gives us a glimpse of the manner in which we teach and learn about life.

Written by: Nava Frenkel

With: Shani Granot, Yoni Silver, Nava Frenkel, Guy Sherf

Music: Moondog

Arrangements: Yoni Silver

Lighting: Ofer Laufer

Space, clothing and general appearance: Alona Rodeh

Costumes: Gili Avissar

Producer: Shani Shabtai

Produced with the help of EVE, the Association of Independent Theater Artists, Kelim Choreography Center’s Artist in Residence Program, and the National Lottery Council for the Arts

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