Kiasmos, a collaborative project between pianist and musician Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen, released their first album in 2014. Described as “striking, graceful and completely naked,” the album garnered numerous accolades, earning both critical acclaim and public enthusiasm. Described as combining acoustic music with the sounds of dreamy synth-experimental-electro pop, Kiasmos “hovers at the neglected crossroads where dance music meets the overgrown trail of modern classical, begging for a ride back towards the warmth of your ears.” In his DJ set, Rasmussen will focus on minimal-techno beats and playful melodic electronic harmonies, inspired by the unique Nordic electro-pop created by the duo.

Come along and top off this crazy Night Shift evening with sounds that will take us into the other side of night, bringing us as close as we can get to the Northern Lights.

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