Věra Ondrašíková

What would happen if we were given the opportunity to go back in time? Would we change something in our past? And what would happen if we could look forward to our future selves? Would we change anything in the present?

In a magical audiovisual show for all ages, a screen of light and smoke spreads across a dark empty stage. As it glides through the space, its movements create a mesmerizing landscape of two worlds – in one we see a young dancer and in the other – his older doppelganger. The two move through space and time, trying to come closer to one another in order to touch the past and change it.

Choreographer Věra Ondrašíková joins forces with digital artist Dan Gregor and musician Filip Míšek, to create an experience that dissolves the boundaries of time, which become as ephemeral as the elements that comprise the show – sound, movement, and light.

Using original artistic language, Guide turns the spotlight on sensations and questions concerning the decisions we make, placing them in a playful setting and giving them a spectacular expression that flows freely between the past, future, and present.

The show has won three different awards at Czech Dance Platform (2016).

Concept and choreography by Věra Ondrašíková / Light design by Dan Gregor / Live programming by Michal Rydlo / Live music by Filip Míšek / Performers: Jaro Ondruš, Josef Kotesovsky / Technical cooperation: Pavel Kotlík / Dramaturgy by Marta Ljubková / Audio: Robert Russell / Costumes by Hana Frišonsová / Production manager: Lucie Špačková / Production: Tomáš Grúz / Supporters: Tanec Praha/PONEC – dance venue, Ministry of Culture, The City of Prague, AV MEDIA, RPishop, Nethemba

With the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Czech Centre, Tel Aviv

  • *Ages 9 and up
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