The Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni takes his dancers to the edge of endurance in this performance, at the end of which all of them fall to the ground in exhaustion. The dancers use the palms of their hands to strike their legs and their shoes in movements that originate in the Bavarian and Tyrolean dance form known as the Schuhplattler, creating perfect synchronization in movement and rhythm. From its beginning as a sweet, harmless folk dance, the performance quickly transforms into a race for survival, giving the traditional form new meanings that come from the world of contemporary dance.

The work was inspired by ancient traditional dances that have stood the test of time. Sciarroni combines these ancient dance forms with modernity, creating a new ritual to a soundtrack that includes music from the Romantic era, British synthpop and hip-hop. Sciarroni, who won Danza & Danza magazine’s Best New Artist award for 2012, brings FOLK-S, will you still love me tomorrow? to the Israel Festival after having performed it on the world’s most important stages such as the Paris Autumn Festival, the Julidans Festival in Amsterdam, and the Crossing the Line Festival in New York.

*Special thanks for the Italian Culture Institute in Tel Aviv for its support

From the critics:

“…a meticulous work, capable of exciting progressively through a reiteration of actions that becomes dramaturgy” (La Repubblica, December 2012)

“Sciarroni in an author who never lets you leaving the theater feeling indifference… A magnetic performance on present time” (Il Manifesto, March 2013)

“The freedom to leave made me want to stay, and ‘Folk-s’ grew more lovable as it went on — and on. It’s even better as a memory” (New York Times, October 2015)

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