“a few times, at most, in the course of a decade a work of art comes along that makes a genuine breakthrough, defining for us new modes of perception and feeling and clearly belonging as much to the future as to the present. Such a work is DANCE.” The Washington Post

In this piece, created in 1979 and considered a milestone in the history of dance, Childs originated a new dance language, identified with her to this day. Childs delicately and meticulously designs an immortal formalistic performance. In her minimalistic language, she exposes the place where body and form meet: pairs of dancers cross the stage from side to side to the rhythm of Glass’ music, drawing horizontal lines which echo the projected chequered floor in the film. Childs connects the virtual and the actual in hypnotic choreographic patterns, forming an almost meditative dialogue between the work and its individual history.

Lucinda Childs began her dance career in 1963 as a member of the Judson Dance Theater. A decade later she founded her own dance group, and has since then created over 50 pieces elevating her to the rank of one of the most esteemed choreographers of America and of the world at large. In 1976 she performed in the avantgarde opera Einstein on the Beach, in which she collaborated with Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, and choreographed the subsequent revivals in 1984, 1992 and 2012.

Over the years, Childs has created numerous pieces of original choreography for renowned dance companies such as the Ballet Opera Paris, the Monte-Carlo Ballet and Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project. Childs has received the Bessie Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2001, commander of the French Order of Arts and Letters in 2004, the 2009 NEA/NEFA American Masterpiece Award and the Guggenheim Fellowship for DANCE, and the 2017 Samuel H. Scripps/ American Dance Festival Award.

June 18, 11 A.M.,An Encounter with Lucinda Childs and Her Dancers (DANCE) at the American Center for Culture. Participation is free of charge; pre-registration is required:  http://bit.ly/2oR9DVv

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