The Great Gehenna Choir embarks on a vocal journey in the trails of David Avidan’s poem “Tikun Chatsot.” Delving into the experience of separation, the poem serves as a path that traverses dichotomous duos – life and death, demise and regeneration, creation and disorientation, performers and audience, inhaling and exhaling.

The choir is a unique vocal collective established in 2016 by former HaBiluim frontman Noam Enbar and Mamuta Art and Research Center. Working in complete collaboration, its members deconstruct the traditional choral format and reconstruct it with contemporary-transformative rituals, challenging not only how we listen, but also how we are present in the show.

In this “ritual of listening to the ephemeral,” the unique vocal collective brings together audience and performers for a spiritual, political, private and collective experience. Tikun Chatsot extends an invitation for a nighttime stroll inside a poem and through a shift of consciousness.

מידע נוסף