Duration: 60 minutes (without intermission)

The Castle in Time Orchestra is the concert hall’s gospel of new groove.

The orchestra, 23 instrumentalists and singers, a computer and a conductor, connect the classical with modern, indie and electronic music.

Combining performance, video and sound, the special concert at the Israel Festival was inspired by The Sabbath, the seminal 1951 work by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.  Heschel challenges modern human beings – religiously observant, secular and adherents of other faiths — presenting the Sabbath as “a palace in time,” a cure for our fast-paced world. Shalev Ne’eman and conductor Matan Daskal’s engaging composition moves the densely packed schedule of the workweek to the calm of the Sabbath.

The orchestra, most of whose musicians are in their twenties, came into being independently in 2015. It has performed mostly on rock and indie stages in Israel, and provides music lovers of all types with a rare, unique and rousing concert experience.

*The performance is made possible in cooperation with Zappa Jerusalem 

*The performance takes place standing and sitting

Composition: Matan Daskal and Shalev Ne’eman

Conductor: Matan Daskal / flute: Rachel Mazor / oboe: Mariona Gòdia / clarinet: Noa Ya’akov / Bassoon: Michael Roessler / french horn: Tsviki Moran / trumpet: Tal Avraham / trombone: Bar Tal / percussion: Shalev Ne’eman / drums: Roi Brum / computer: Asaf Meidan / electric bass: Nitay Marcus / electric guitar: Eden Nir /synthesizers: Yonatan Daskal / harp: Tal Vaknin / violin: Daniel Zinn, Yedidia Schwarz, Nadav Fast / viola: Michal Berkovich / cello: Mayu Shviro / double bass: Michael Edwards / voice and composition: Daniel Krief, Anna Lann Josef Laimon / text: Abraham Joshua Heschel, Ran Tidhar, Shalev Ne’eman, Matan Daskal, Daniel Krief, Anna Lann Josef Laimon / orchestra management: Tal Donner / sound: Yossi Lugassi / light design: Ofer Laufer / stage management: Nadav Yarkoni / special thanks to Beit Avi Chai, CCA and Einav Cultural Center.

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