“Rich, graceful and haunting, Anderson’s delivery was breathtaking […]An artist whose stories, like her magical performances, will undoubtedly linger on.”
Berlin Art Link, 2017

Musical legend and multidisciplinary artist Laurie Anderson brings her iconic solo show to the Israel Festival, delving into the narrative of American culture and the roots of contemporary culture.

Anderson gained recognition in the 1980s as an electronic music pioneer and has collaborated with many artists throughout her extensive career, including Lou Reed, Philip Glass, Christian McBride, Brian Eno, Kronos Quartet, among others. In Language of the Future she uses a variety of musical and multimedia means to explore how we tell the story of the here and now.

An artist, philosopher, author, film director, and visual artist, Anderson dissects language, cultural codes, and visual images in her quest to create new languages and look at the world from different perspectives. She received many awards, including the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize for her outstanding contribution to art (2007), the Yoko Ono Courage Awards for the Arts (2017) and the Wolf Prize (2017). Her film Heart of a Dog was screened at the Venice, Toronto, and Jerusalem film festivals.

In Language of the Future, Anderson interweaves stories, music, and interactive videos into a captivating multidisciplinary performance, a fascinating meditation on timeless, personal and collective questions.

Representation and tour: Pomegranate Arts.

With the kind support of the Ostrovsky Family Fund

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