Duration: 80 min., no intermission
Ensemble Modern is one of the world’s most important contemporary music ensembles. The ensemble’s performances consistently challenge musical and concert-related conventions, and offer innovative and life-filled adaptations that transform the concert into a theatrical experience rich with imagery. The ensemble works with a variety of great musicians such as Frank Zappa and conductor Pierre Boulez, among others.
At the Israel Festival, the ensemble will perform the iconic performance “Black on White” by composer and director Heiner Goebbels – a music-theater piece in which the ensemble of eighteen musicians itself is the protagonist. The musicians take on the role of strolling players deployed in a mise-en-scene, infrequently exchanging their instruments for other ones and devoting themselves to produce extraneous sounds of significance. The music travels through different worlds and styles – from jazz and black music through classical and liturgical music to contemporary music. For Heiner Goebbels Black on white is a parable “about an art form in which not only a single voice may be heard – that of the writer Heiner Müller himself, reading Poe’s Shadow parable – but also something resembling a collective voice, a collective ‘I’, the voice of experience and recollection. Heiner Müller was a representative of this style of writing.” Goebbels eschews melancholy, choosing instead a theatrical performance filled with movement, humor, and magic, enacted by eighteen thoroughly unconventional performers.
From the Reviews: “Delightful mélange of motion and music, Heiner Goebbels makes reinventing the wheel seem such fun.” [The Star Ledger, 2001]
*The performance is in German and English with Hebrew subtitles | The Sitting in rows 1-5 is recommended for German and English speakers
*In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut,Israel,in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Israeli-German diplomatic relations
Composed and directed by Heiner Goebbels | Set and Lighting Design Jean Kalman costume design Jasmin Andreae. Ensemble Modern: Dietmar Wiesner (piccolo, bass flute), Catherine Milliken (oboe, didgeridoo, vocals), Roland Diry (clarinet), Matthias Stich (contrabass clarinet, saxophone), Barbara Kehrig (bassoon), Saar Berger (horn, speaker), William Forman (trumpet, speaker), Uwe Dierksen (trombone), Hermann Kretzschmar (accordion, sampler, cimbalom), Ueli Wiget (clavichord, harp), Rumi Ogawa (cimbalom, percussion), Rainer Römer (percussion), Jagdish Mistry (violin), Swantje Tessmann (violin), Freya Ritts-Kirby (viola, vocals), Eva Böcker (cello), Michael M. Kasper (cello), Joachim Tinnefeld (double bass, electric bass), Norbert Ommer (sound director)

מידע נוסף