With Berry Sakharof, Dudu Tassa , Balkan Beat Box, Red Axes, Kalben (Turkey), JANSET (Turkey), Murat Ertel (Turkey), Harel Shachal & the Ottomans and more.

For so many years, sounds from Turkey have made their way here. For so many years sounds from Israel have made their way there. Music knows no boundaries, governments, travel warnings, international political interests. It lives in the recording studios of Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara just as it is created in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Sderot. It celebrates itself, riding chariots of sound from there to here and from here to there. 

For one night only, we will celebrate and dance this musical exchange. The finest Israeli and Turkish musicians will bring together traditional Turkish instruments with loppers and DJs from both countries for an exciting cross continents musical celebration. 

An Israel Festival Original Production 

מידע נוסף