An exciting collaboration between two of the most fascinating contemporary orchestras in Israel, dedicated to Eric Siday, the pioneer of electronic music and the inventor of the “sound logo.”

Siday led a transformative  revolution in the American television and advertising world of the 1950s and 1960s when he introduced electronic sound into television opening music, logos and commercials. The two-part multi-disciplinary concert combines acoustic and electronic music, movement and video. Under the direction of composers Matan Daskal (Castle in Time Orchestra) and Stephen Horenstein (The Lab Orchestra), the orchestras will delve into the unique sound that Siday created.

The first part  (Side A) of the evening was composed by Daskal and comprises a sound piece that moves three dimensionally through the space in surround aesthetics inspired by Siday’s miniatures, and a soundpainting improv in the spirit of his works. The second part (Side B), composed by Horenstein, is inspired by sound and images (VJ) from Eric Siday’s early television commercials whose mantra was “buy, buy, buy” (then synonymous with “patriotism”).  From a peak of intensity and saturation we move to meditative melody,  including the last that Siday wrote.

 A must-see event for all music lovers.

מידע נוסף