A Documentary Musical Drama by Margret Wolf. A Collaborative Project of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Urlich Pakusch and the Jerusalem Theater Company (Israel-Germany)

Duration: 150 min., with intermission
The moving libretto, written by composer Magret Wolf, recipient of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Prize for Composers (2014), is based on letters written by two young women to their husbands just prior to and in the course of the Second World War: The first series of letters were written in Germany in 1933–1934 by Perl Margulies (the mother of Israel Prize recipient Alice Shalvi, who initiated this project), and addressed to her husband, who had escaped to London. The second series of letters were written in Germany in 1939–1941 by the young poet Marianne Rein to her teacher and lover, the writer Jacob Picard, after his escape to the United States.
The musical drama “Refidim Junction” gazes deep into the souls of these two writers, focusing on their similar vacillation between despair and hope and on the inner processes they underwent, as well as on their different fates – Rein was murdered in Riga, while Perl survived.
Wolf creatively weaves together the two women’s voices, words and singing, with each woman represented on stage by two performers – an actress and a singer. Directed by Kai Moritz, these personal stories come together to form a deeply moving, engaging and drama-filled opera with accessible music. With the participation of a chamber orchestra composed of members of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, two vocal quartets, and a choir of actor
* The performance is in German with Hebrew subtitles
* Special thanks to project initiator and Israel Prize Laureate Prof. Alice Shalvi
Music and Libretto: Magret Wolf | Conductor: Ulrich Pakusch | Director: Kai Moritz Set and Costume Design: Sandra Dehler | Actresses: Charlotte Sieglin, Britta Scheerer Soloists: Katja Beer (soprano), Rita Kapfhammer (mezzo-soprano) | Performance: Berlin Symphony Orchestra, two vocal quartets and a choir of actors | Production: Theatre Company Jerusalem.

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