“…they play with technique, heart and brains, bowels and all that belongs to it. […] Thunderous applause in the Brucknerhaus Linz…” Kronenzeitung Austria, 2013

Founded in 1989 by world renowned virtuoso violinist Gunar Letzbor, Ars Antiqua Austria is among the most captivating and preeminent ensembles in the arena of Baroque music today.

The ensemble’s singularity lies in its in-depth engagement with Austrian composers of the Baroque era, who were deeply influenced by the Italian style and Austrian folk music. The encounters between people, cultures and musical forms brought about an immense turning point in local Austrian musical creation, transforming the Austrian classical style into the first international musical language of the time.

In Colours of Culture intercultural discourse is expressed through a musical dialogue between pieces by Viennese composers influenced by musical styles external to Austria, and pieces written by composers who came to Vienna from the various crownlands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The performance first began as a series of concerts in the prestigious Wiener Konzerthaus. In the wake of their great success, these concerts were merged into a fascinating musical project which has toured the world. This is an exciting opportunity to encounter this highly esteemed ensemble in a concert celebrating the immense cultural wealth that characterized Vienna at the time of the Baroque period.

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