A multiparticipant action in the public space.

Evictions take place almost every day, be they financial, military, criminal, or political evictions. High-profile publicized evictions or quiet ones that take place in the dead of night. Either way, it is always a group standing against the powers that be. People who lose their home. 

Eviction turns a spotlight on this critical moment, in which a group of people refuses to evacuate a building, and a political force is sent to evict them. This violent encounter encapsulates layers upon layers of injustices, oppression, rage, pain, and indifference. For the defiant group, this is a time of solidarity and of togetherness that can solidify, strengthen, and create new forms of resistance. And it is always only the tip of the iceberg of phenomena, of economies, of regimes, and of much larger world mechanisms. 

Through a composition of movement, architecture, video, music, and documentary sound, we will experience moments of eviction on a 1:1 scale. We will unfold the choreography of the eviction – from the barricaded group’s side and from the evicting forces side. How the state moves, how to protect your home. 

Eviction uncovers the mechanisms of evictions, bringing to the fore collective experiences and images from past evictions, and wishing to prepare for future evictions. The procedures it presents expose the preparation, tools, and means used by all sides, the techniques and knowledge, things carried out in our name by law enforcement agencies, and the ways in which you can become a defiant group, reminding us that the human assembly in the public space has a huge, radical, vital potential.

An Israel Festival Original Production 

מידע נוסף