Premiere of “Egel Hazahav” – Rea Mochiach’s remake of the 1987 masterpiece “Edud Banai & the Refugees,” in a live show featuring Berry Sakharof, Corinne Allal, Efrat Ben Zur, Eran Tsur and Kfir Ben Laish. Special guest: Ehud Banai.
Musical producer and composer Rea Mochiach returns to Ehud Banai’s iconic debut album “Ehud Banai & the Refugees,” one of Israel’s most formative rock albums. Banai’s groundbreaking style fused rock with Middle Eastern music, exploring social and political issues that remain all too relevant over thirty years later.
Revisiting the songs that have since become great hits, “Refuge City,” “Black Labor,” “Time’s Up,” and “Golden Calf,” Mochiach’s bold electronic adaptation of the participating artists’ own interpretations brings the original album to the edgy reality and sensibility of 2021.
In the live premiere of the album, equipped with a set of drums and electronic set, Mochiach will meet some of Israel greatest performers on stage in a series of duets.

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