Sound Charter is a collective and individual musical journey of discovery into the unknown recesses of the Jerusalem Theatre. The audience is invited to wander around freely, beginning at the front of the theatre in the Sherover Piazza and ending finally in the Rebecca Crown Hall.

Throughout the evening, familiar pieces will be played alongside new ones – Debussy’s Syrinx, Motets by William Byrd and Heinrich Isaac from the Renaissance, Fantasias by Henry Purcell of the Baroque period, as well as a variety of twentieth century pieces and contemporary sound design. Some of the pieces are calm and quiet, while others are virtuoso and challenging, yet all aspire to push the boundaries of the instruments and the instrumentalists which play them.

Volkov invites us to a different kind of listening, one in which time and space play a central role. Placing the instrumentalists in different corners of the theatre, he creates surprising interplays of sound and space, turning the concert into a unique experience of great depth and complexity.

Through this new perspective on the nature of the concert experience, the audience will move between darkness and light, between open and closed space, listening from both far and near, oscillating between iconic pieces of the past and contemporary works, as well as being active participants. This event is a rare opportunity to ask questions about the familiar and extant while actively and unexpectedly sharing in the passion for music.

Join us in playing, lingering, dancing, and wandering freely inside this musical creation in a constant state of flux and coming into being.

*The first part of the show will begin at 10 P.M. in the Jerusalem Theatre Sherover Piazza and will continue in the theatre’s foyer, corridors and hidden corners. This portion of the performance is open to the public

*The second part of the performance beginning at 11 P.M. in the Rebecca Crown Hall, requires the purchase of tickets

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