The Meeting Point: Under the Bridge | Jerusalem Culture, Art, and Watermelons Come Together Under the Bridge (Israel)”Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there,” Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207–1273)In 1970s Jerusalem, watermelon stalls appeared along the city’s seam line, transforming this no-man’s-land into a band of twinkling lights where residents and visitors of all cultural, religious or political backgrounds were welcome. While the stalls are long gone, the sweetness of the watermelons and what they represented still lingers. This space of encounter among different cultures, peoples, languages, smells, and flavors, which is so deeply characteristic of Jerusalem, will be reenacted by the project “Meeting Point,” which will take place under the bridge between the Katamonim, Pat, and Beit Safafa neighborhoods. The ephemeral structure enacted on this site will constitute an artwork in its own right, and will feature a performance stage, numerous activities, and a watermelon stall worthy of the city’s tradition. The site’s construction will be lead by a group of architecture students from Berlin’s Technical University, under the supervision of architect Christophe Barlieb.This event, an initiative of the Muslala Group, was born of a collaboration among numerous bodies, organizations, people, and groups who deeply believe that at the end of the day what we share is greater than what divides us, that simple pleasures are the best pleasures, and that most of us feel the desire for a cold watermelon awakening anew every summer, while an oud player plucks his strings in the background.
Artistic Director: Matan Israeli | Leading Architect: Christophe Barlieb | Production: Eyal Lavit and Brachi Weinstein (The Edge Production).

4.6 | Festival Opening Night

18:00-  Arts & crafts workshops – last finishes to the watermelon stall!20:00- A blessing recited over sweet watermelon20:25- “Help!!! The Teachers Have Gone Mad!!!” – a play performed by students at the Beit Safafa and Nisui schools,under the guidance of Adam Yakin and LiLorian,The Barvaz Group21:00- Music on Derech Milton: “Howa Jani” – Singer Neta Elkayam and her group.5.6 | Friday

15:00-  Music on Derech Milton: Jam session led by the Israeli-Palestinian group Wastel’ Tariq.6.6 | Saturday

Champions League Final – special screening on giant screen.7.6 | Sunday

19:00- Music on Derech Milton: Heliron – the two virtuoso musicians Helen Sabila and Liron Meyuhas play alone and together on a range of instruments from around the world.21:00- Music on Derech Milton: “Just Sing” – the audience is invited to sing and participate in anArab-Jewish singing circle with the Gilron Shema Ensemble.8.6 | Monday
17:00- Katamona – a workshop centered on the production of a personal mini-catalogue of past and present artistic activities in the Katamonim neighborhood.18:00- Musical Track on Derech MiltonL Volum Center ensembles perform adaptions of lacal, original poems.19:30- Makom Leshira (A Place for Poetry) presents: “Rallying the Masses” – a poetry reading and discussion with Mois (Moshe) Benarroch, Iris Eliya Cohen, Roy Hasan, Yonit Naaman, and other Israeli poets engaged with social and community-related issues who have all used crowd sourcing to publish their books, paving a new-old path that bypasses establishment בשעה 21:30 .publishing house21:30-  Musical Track on Derech Milton following the poetry reading: Liron Amram & The Panthers9.6 | Tuseday
17:00- .Various workshops with the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Bilingual School18:00- Max Rayne Hand in Hand Bilingual School Choir19:30- A megician’s preformance by Kevin Spencer (USA).20:30-Musical Track on Derech Milton: Safi Suede and the Sajan band host friends.10.6 | Wednesday
17:00- “Daydreaming” – the “Shakespeare for a Shekel ” version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”20:30-  Language in Colors: The White in the Book – A performance by Shlomo Vazana in collaboration with the Katamona Group, the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, and the Prizma Ensemble.11.6 | Thursday
17:00 – “A Night at the Museum” – Koom-Koom Theater performs a clown act for children18:00- The young Gonenim Band and additional ensembles from the Gonenim Music and Dance Center. Artistic Director: Yizhar Florsheim.20:30- Music on Derech Milton: Sisters A-WA and guests – a traditional Middle-Eastern celebration In collaboration with the Secular Yeshiva12.6 | Friday
15:00- Movement and improvisation workshop with Oron Elior16:00- Weekend Jam Session and Celebration Derech Milton – bring your own musical instruments13.6 | Saturday
21:00- Musi con Derech Milton– Closing Night: Nino Bitonand the Maghreb Orchestra.* These events are all open to the general publicStall hours: Sunday–Thursday, 17:00 – 23:00; Friday, 12:00 – 19:00; Saturday, 20:30 – 00:00
* Additional information is available on the Muslala website:

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