One of the most influential Israeli choreographers, Yasmeen Godder’s new work explores the possibility of finding compassion, empathy, and sensitivity through the act of dance.

Practicing Empathy is a performative research carried out over 18 months as a direct expansion of Godder’s Common Emotion and Simple Action. The show continues to challenge the spectators-performers relationship, establishing the possibility of a “safe space” for emotional interactions, asking what makes us open up, empathize, connect with the other – and with ourselves?

In the festival, she presents two thoughtful practices for creating interpersonal encounters, developed through the research. In the first part of the evening, the audience is invited to dive into a collaborative experience in search for a space for intimacy, familiarity, vulnerability, and human tenderness. In its second part, through a series of vocal and physical actions, the performers expose their emotional landscapes, creating an environment where empathy serves as a supportive and encouraging group reaction.

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