Faye Shapiro is a multidisciplinary composer and voice artist, and the creator of Plexus – a series of workshops, performances, rituals, and gatherings calling for a new vocal culture of freedom and unity.
The residency is rooted in the recognition of the special and important status of social security as the foundation for the financial-energetic connection between the people living in Israel, and of the need to bring attentiveness and an open heart to this fraught place.
During the artist residency, Shapiro spent time at the Jerusalem branch of the National Insurance Institute, and learned about its organizational structure, policies, branches and scope of activity. The residency included meetings, conversations, and voice workshops with the employees, through which a safe and open space was gradually created, where the various voices could be heard and come together.
The public is invited for a special vocal encounter at the National Insurance Institute led by Shapiro and featuring the branch employees.

An invitation to reconnect to the network of unity and solidarity that the National Insurance Institution represents and to create a space for safe listening and expression, where we can also meet our personal and shared pain.

מידע נוסף