Forty years after the death of poet, song-writer, author and translator Tirza Atar, artistic producer Moshe Baron joins Atar’s son, musician Nathan Slor and musician, arranger and musical director Eran Tzur to create a special evening celebrating Tirza Atar’s outstanding work.

Efrat Ben Zur, Dikla, Yuval Dayan, Shlomi Saranga, Nathan Slor and Eran Tzur, will dive into the rich world of Atar’s compositions. Her works will be taken to surprising places with fascinating new arrangements, including Mediterranean interpretations accompanied by Eastern percussion instruments and contemporary-electronic arrangements.

Daughter of poet Nathan Alterman and actress Rachel Marcus, Tirza Atar’s poems “Suddenly Now, Suddenly Today;” “I dream of Naomi;” “Saturday Morning;” “West of Here”; “Ordinary Love” and many others have been set to music by iconic Israeli composers such as Matti Caspi, Sasha Argov, Yoni Rechter and Moshe Vilenski, becoming enduring treasures of Israeli Music. Together with her famous poems, a selection of heretofore unknown works, written by Atar and set to music especially for this occasion, will make their debut.

The poem “West of Here” was written by Atar upon her return from New York, where she experienced a personal crisis and was brought back to Israel by her father Nathan Alterman. This unique evening will take us on a journey in search of her, westwards and back again. Efrat Ben Zur, Dikla, Yuval Dayan, Shlomi Saranga, Nathan Slor and Eran Tzur will each present their own personal interpretation of Atar’s timeless poetry.

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