Duration: 120 min
The Israel Festival is proud to open its 54th season with a unique open-air performance by Shalom Hanoch at the Sultan’s Pool. An unstoppable music-world phenomenon, Hanoch will host Israel’s greatest musical talents – Yehuda Poliker, Danny Sanderson, and Berry Sakharof – who will make their own contributions to Shalom Hanoch’s creative world. This incredible musical ensemble also includes Moshe Levi, Shalom Hanoch’s longstanding partner, Ronnie Peterson, Ziv Harpaz, Asher Fedi, Tal Aviram, and the esteemed musician Yossi Fine. Shalom Hanoch will perform new songs such as “Always is Now,” “People,” and more alongside some of the greatest classical hits that have made this pioneering Israeli rock star into a living cult figure.
This performance is part of the Israel Festival’s longstanding tradition of showcasing Israel’s greatest performing artists – a warm embrace in appreciation of their iconic contribution to the soundtrack of our lives.
*Warm clothes are recommended
Artistic Director: Luis Lahav | Arrangements, Piano, and Hammond: Moshe Levi | Vocals, Guitar and Bass: Yossi Fine | Guitars: Ronnie Peterson | Bass: Ziv Harpaz | Drums: Asher Fedi | Keyboard and Programming: Tal Aviram

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