The 2019 Israel Festival kicks off with a special open-air concert at the Jerusalem Theatre plaza, featuring a sizzling lineup of leading musicians and producers in the israeli beat scene under the artistic direction of Gilad Kahana.

Opening with Atar Mayner who will take over the DJ table with materials from his much-hyped recent debut album, with guests like Dor 3, RASTA HAI, Damsel is Depressed, and Eden Dersso performing music from the album as well as their own materials.

DIGITAL MONX – the intriguing new group of Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box), Itamar Ziegler, Ron Bunker, and Tom Darom follows – featuring Tomer Yosef, Gili Yalo, Eden Dersso, FineBoy, A-WA and Gilad Kahana himself for a wild concert-party of rap, hip hop, Africa and tropical bass.

Join us for two hours of rare collaborations coming at a dizzying speed, with the musicians who take local beat to new extremes – a true celebration of the incredible wealth of voices and diversity that our melting pot has to offer.

The evening will continue with an intimate After Party on the largest theatre stage with a live laboratory that will draw the audience into the heart of music making.  A musical fusion launched by Atar Mayner DJ set will continue with Ape Band (Tamir Muskat, Itamar Ziegler, and Tom Darom), and end with experimental tracks, electronic sets, spoken word, live jams, and rap of all the musicians together.

A tribal gathering celebrating the beat. Switch to flight mode, destination unknown, landing not guaranteed.

Please note! Tickets to the After Party are limited, purchase early to guarantee your participation.

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