“Doing nothing against gender inequalities is already a heavily sexist position that directly and indirectly provides extreme violences.” Àlex Rigola
In this documentary installation, the Spanish theatre group Heartbreak Hotel led by director Àlex Rigola takes on the subject of violence against women. Following the audio guidance of a survivor of gender-based violence, the audience navigates an audio-visual maze that unfolds the multifaceted aspects of men’s violence against women. Gradually, it outlines the image of a grim reality where social, legal, educational, and media norms allow a horrible an inconceivable universal pandemic to exist and to spread.

In collaboration with WIZO
With the kind support of the Embassy of Spain
In partnership with YMCA

*Entrance every 10 minutes in groups of 6 / The installation includes strong visual images of violence / Age 15+

Due to the current situation, ticket sales for this show have been suspended.

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