Duration: 60 min., no intermission
Inspired by “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, this musical in rhyme offers a surprising answer to two questions that remain unasked in the original story: Who is Goldilocks, and how did she end up in the bear family’s house? In “Bear in Mind,” Goldilocks decides to embark on a journey following the birth of a baby brother who gets all the attention in the family. This surprise-filled journey, which unfolds in the space between dream and reality, leads her to a different house and a different family – a family of bears. During this special encounter, she discovers that just like human beings, bears too have problems. Happily, however, Little Bear understands her better than anyone. Together, they learn how to live peacefully and lovingly as brothers.
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Playwright and Director: Eli Bijaoui | Music: Ori Vidislavski | Set Design: Miki Bencnaan Costumes: Shira Wise | Lighing: Adi Shmrony.

מידע נוסף