In the 1920s, the avant-garde movements flourished in Europe: the spirit of innovation was almost palpable, non-European influences enriched the cultural world, and intellectual and technological changes spawned a new type of subversive culture.
The term “degeneration” [Entartung], which originated in 19th century texts about the human psyche, refers to a congenital mental deformity that manifests itself in abnormal physiological signs. In Nazi Germany, this deviance was ascribed to artists and musicians who expressed innovation in their work, who let Modernity into their art and life. In music, composers’ use of avant-garde and oriental elements, the incorporation of ideas from the world of jazz, and cabaret characteristics were seen as a rejection of Germany’s romantic classical tradition, and considered a threat to the conservative musical institution. In a mental reversal, innovation was seen as degeneration.
The concert Days of Light was born out of the awareness of this reversal and in an attempt at a retrospective repair – to recognize the light of innovation and artistic revolution as a necessity and the lifeline of human culture.
Performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and conducted by its new musical director @@, the concert will feature three works by three composers – Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Igor Stravinsky, and Kurt Weill – who due to their Jewish origin or innovation were banned in their countries and fled to the US.
An evening with three musical works composed in Europe and played in their composers’ homeland before they left for a place where they can continue to illuminate human culture.

Korngold – Suite No. 11, Much ado about Nothing
I. Ouvertüre
II. Mädchen im Brautgemach
III. Holzapfel und Schlehwein (Marsch der Wache)
IV. Intermezzo (Gartenszene)
V. Hornpipe

Starvinsky – Pulcinella Suite
I. Sinfonia
II. Serenata
III. Scherzino – Allegretto – Andantino
IV. Tarantella
V. Toccata
VI. Gavotta (con due variazioni)
VII. Vivo
VIII. Minuetto – Finale

Weill – The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
I. Allegro giusto
II. Moderato assai
III. Lento
IV. Molto vivace
V. Largo

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