Duration: 90 min., no intermission
The Chinese ensemble Jun Tian Yun He presents a glorious musical tradition through a contemporary prism, focusing its creative energy on the mesmerizing sounds of the guqin – a 3,000-year-old Chinese string instrument. Known as “The instrument of the sages,” the guqin was celebrated in imperial China as one of the Four Arts.
The ensemble’s performance at the Israel festival is dedicated to one of the most important musical pieces in the history of Chinese culture – “Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water.” According to legend, this work was born during the “autumn and spring” period (770 BCE–476 BCE) out of an encounter between the talented musician Yu Boya and a simple woodcutter who had a rare ability to understand the images transmitted by Boya’s music, becoming one of the best-known artistic masterpieces symbolic of friendship. This contemporary adaptation presents the grand Chinese tradition of music, costumes, and sets, masterfully combining it with improvisation and artistic Tai Chi movements.
* With the support of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
Jun Tian Yun He Ensemble: Wang Peng (Musical Director, Guqin) | Du Dapeng (Artistic Director, Guqin) | Du Jinpeng (Vocals) | Shan Yuanyin (Guqin, Vocals) | Song Zhao (Cello) Zhuo Ran (Guqin) | Liu Xiaogang | Gao Chong (Tai Chi).

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