An old Citroen breaks down in the middle of a snow-covered forest, leaving six aging rock musicians stranded on the way to fulfilling their dream — creating an amusement park with a heavy-metal theme. A nice lady who happens by and tries to help ends up becoming the appreciative audience of a surprising, original and absurd performance as the rockers show her their plans for the amusement park bit by bit, ingeniously using various devices to create a spectacular and hypnotic visual experience.

Philippe Quesne creates a world rich in imagination that mixes soap bubbles, gigantic plastic bags, medieval music, The Scorpions and a mischievous puppy until reality slowly begins to trickle into the dream. The international hit “The Melancholy of the Dragon” is a visual ritual filled with eccentric, satirical, and captivating humor that creates a yearning for a vanished world of bittersweet, childlike innocence.

After appearing on the world’s most renowned stages, the production arrives at the Israel Festival as part of a world tour by the Vivarium Studio Company and Philippe Quesne, the director of the Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre in Paris.

*The performance on June 2 is in English without subtitles

*The performance on June 3 is in French with Hebrew translation and will be followed by a discussion in English with the actors

*Seating in rows 1 through 5 is recommended for French-speakers

*Special thanks to the Institut Français for its support

From the critics:

“A great, humorous and deeply human touching work.” – Der Standard, Vienna

“Both avant-garde and accessibly entertaining at the same time… unusual certainly, with lovely performances from the eight-strong cast.” – British Theatre Guide

“A piece of multi-media, boundary-breaking theatre of which [Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre] should be justly very proud.” – North West End

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