“Hallo carries the audience away, far, far away from what one might expect from an evening at the theatre”

Le Figaro

“I let go of the dread of always falling into the same hole. I accept the feeling of not being able to be myself, and to remain misunderstood. I head straight for confusion. I cannot use a ceiling as a floor. I cannot start over. I cannot fly. I bide my time, until objects find me.”

For more than 20 years, Zimmerman has been bringing his rare chameleon-like quality to stages all over the world. In his latest solo Hallo, he creates a dreamlike, absurd theatre of objects and body with a childlike curiosity and humor. In an enigmatic space where objects have a life of their own, the line between reality and fiction blurs.

In his search for a partner, Zimmermann unfolds his tragi-comic inner world before the audience. Returning to his performance roots, he demonstrates extraordinary skills as he loses touch with reality, mistakes himself for his own reflection in the mirror, folds himself up and becomes another prop on the stage.

Hallo offers an opportunity to watch a total artist who developed a unique and “immediate” body language of his own, as he continues to explore the dialogue between objects and the body in a playful and astonishing performance.

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