The 2018 Israel Festival takes off with an original musical event that brings together some of Israel’s leading Hip Hop artists, DJs, breakdance, and projection mapping artists.

Coming a long way since it first emerged as an American fringe culture in 1970s, Hip Hop culture has always held on to one key element – speaking up, reacting and resonating reality, no matter how hard it is, in the most real and direct way possible.  In a celebration of local Hip Hop culture, various artists will respond to the ultimate text that begs responding to as part of Israel 70th anniversary celebrations – Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Kicking off with poetry slam by Incubator Theatre’s label Bedibur, the night will continue with battles and duets of MCs Tal Langer and B.O.G and DJאחיה and drummer Amir Brenet, followed by a jam session of Parkour Dimona band, and culminate on the main stage with materials that respond to the Declaration of Independence and original combinations by Hip Hop artists Echo, Jimbo J, Nechi Nech, System Ali, Peled, Cafe Shahor Hazak, Karolina, Shaanan Street & Guy Mar.

Come turn it up!

Sponsored by Eden

  • *Standing room only  *Warm clothes are recommended

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