Duration: 75 min., no intermission
An epic work by the poet and scholar Haviva Pedaya, “Hilula” fills an empty space in the world of classical Jewish liturgical music, while dialoguing with classical Christian Requiems. The music for Pedaya’s poem was composed by the virtuoso musician Piris Eliyahu. His son, Mark Eliyahu, arranged it to create a new and contemporary Oriental rock opera – a mesmerizing artistic fusion of traditional Jewish lamentations and the Catholic Mass for the dead.
Pedaya’s words transport us into the depths of her own searing experience of her mother’s departure – an experience that begins with a dream and ends with a “celebration of the light-body’s return to its origins.” The music composed by Piris Eliyahu encompasses a wide range of worlds that dialogue with ancient Jewish prayers and liturgical poems (“El Maleh Rahamim,” “Netana Tokef,” “Lecha Dodi,” and “Kadish”), as well as with Israeli music; the Christian Requiem; compositions by Mozart, Verdi, Brahams, and Britten; ancient lamentations; Rembetiko; Turkish and Persian maqams; and rock. These rich culturalandmusicalworldscometogethertocreateanewcontemporaryIsraelisound. With Dikla Dori, Shai Tsabari, Yael Deckelbaum and Berry Sakharof.
Aristic Manager and Writer: Haviva Pedaya | Composer and Musical Manager: Piris Eliyahu | Musical Producer and Arranger: Mark Eliyahu | Producer and Director: Sheleg Ben Shitrit | Performers: Dikla Dori (singer), Yael Deckelbaum (singer), Yehudit Enoshy (singer), Shai Tsabari (singer), Berry Sakharof (singer), Piris Eliyahu (tar), Mark Eliyahu (kamanche), Moshe Yankovski (percussion instruments), Assaf Talmudi (keyboard and samples), Idan Armony (guitar) | Conductor: Shmuel Elbaz | Artistic Advisor: Itzik Badash.

מידע נוסף