Daniel Koren and Itay Zvolon in a show that combines presence, humor, music, and everything that is happening in this very moment…

What are we going to do about this present? It can be exhilarating, strange, down right painful, or simply spectacular.
The present keeps changing, yet somehow, it is always now.
Out of their love of the present moment and the desire to be in it as long as possible, Daniel Koren and Itay Zvolon created Present Perfect – a tribute to the here and now. The show shifts between the planned and the improvised, drawing on what comes up from moment to moment, right now, in the theatre and in your gut.

The stage will host a piano, a guitar, sparkling nonsenses, poignant honesty, a couple of prewritten scenes, and two people. Both are musicians, comedians, and experienced performers and both practice meditation as a way of life. Beyond that? We will discover in the present.

Daniel Koren and Itay Zvolon are independent creators who have been known to create viral videos, among other things. Their works are alchemical concoctions of uninhibited laughter with insightful ruminations about life and the human condition. 

A big thank you to the now that is always here.

An Israel Festival Original Production

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