The Israel Festival returns to the Tower of David Museum with a one-night only show marking the 400th anniversary of the birth of the greatest Jewish Yemenite poet Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, one of the most celebrated poets of the Jewish people.
Leading musicians Ester Rada, Berry Sakharof, Liron Amram, Miri Mesika, Sagiv Cohen, Idan Amedi, Zion Golan, Shai Tsabari, and S H I R A N will perform Rabbi Shabazi’s familiar poems, including Ofra Haza’s legendary renditions, as well as new adaptations created especially for the show.

Born in 1619 in a small town near the city of Taiz, Yemen, Rabbi Shalom Shabazi was deeply influenced and inspired by Kabbalistic texts, writing innovative poems filled with mystery and symbolism Described as a Zadik and miracle worker, Rabbi Shabazi wrote over 900 poems and penned books of philosophy and commentary on the Torah. Respected by Jews and Muslims alike, he stood up to the authorities fearlessly to help save the Jews of Yemen from persecution

Join us for a memorable celebration of the cornerstones of Yemenite Jewry culture.

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