Dudu Tassa takes Yehudit Ravitz and Mira Awad on a tour through the rich musical repertoire of the Al-Kuwaity brothers of Iraq — Daud, his grandfather, and Saleh, his great-uncle — who composed some of the best-known songs in the repertoire of Arab classical music. The release in 2011 of Tassa’s album “Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis,” which is based on the Al-Kuwaity brothers’ songs, proved no less than a watershed event in Israeli music.

After the success of his first album, Dudu Tassa and his musical partner Nir Maimon released a second album, “Allah Shawaiti” (2015), delving deeper into the seminal collection of songs that the Al-Kuwaity brothers left behind.  The album features guest appearances by Ninet Tayeb, Riff Cohen, Mira Awad and Iraqi singer Ismail Fadel, who made a special trip to Israel for the recording.

Since the project began, Tassa and the Kuwaitis have appeared at the biggest and most important music festivals in the world, including Austin’s SXSW and at the UN.  The Israel Festival is proud to host this very special concert, which continues our commitment to the exploration, interpretation and celebration of our musical history and tradition by outstanding contemporary Israeli artists.

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