Daniella is an artist, scholar, food chronicler, and Jerusalemite. She explores the ways in which food is produced and consumed, and is fascinated by traditions and identities that surround food and culinary communal creation.

Daniella initiates and leads communal kitchens and is active in other initiatives involving the urban food system and creating connections between people and food. In the last two years she is one of the leaders of Food Rescuers JLM project, whose vision is a sustainable urban food system where no food goes to waste.

Today, a third of the food we grow is thrown away and does not reach the plate. From the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, Daniella and Food Rescuers JLM joined forces with the wholesale market in Jerusalem, and delivered to people and communities who are food insecure about 150 tons of food that would otherwise go to waste.

In the Middle of the Market – the wholesale market in Givat Shaul is a hidden but probably the most central place in the municipal food system, where all the different identities that comprise the Jerusalem mosaic meet. In the artist residency she launched a new space that supports and promotes the continued rescue activity. During the festival tours will allow consumers and Jerusalemites to get to know the market, those who work in it and their daily routine. Each tour will end at the new space with tastings of dishes inspired by the location, made of finest ingredients that were salvaged.

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