Singer Shlomi Saranga comes full circle. In an extraordinary show that interweaves rare video footage with personal stories, and songs, he returns to his “spiritual father” Stelios Kazantzidis – one of Greece’s greatest singers, whose songs are a mainstay of the national Greek soundtrack.

Raised in a poor family in the suburbs of Athens, Stelios Kazantzidis was a meteoric success story in 1950s Greece, recognized as the foremost singer of the Greek popular music Laïkó. Like the great singers George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Giannis Parios, and Aris San, Saranga was also deeply influenced by Kazantzidis’s songs and drew inspiration from them.

Saranga began performing at the age of 18, and immediately stood out for his unique and deep voice. He spent a long time in Greece, performing each night at a different club across the country. Before Kazantzidis’s death, in a rare encounter between the two, Kazantzidis listened to Saranga songs, and was amazed by his rare voice and the similarity to his own voice.

Accompanied by a seven-man band, Saranga pays homage to the singer who crowned him as his successor and takes us on a journey from his early songs, through his many hits and the Greek nightclub scene, to the great loves about whom Kazantzidis sang some of the most beautiful songs of heartbreak ever written.

Special thanks to Mrs. Vaso Kazantzidis, Mr. Panagiotis Ifantis, Penny Keynan, Protasis Music

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