Custom built in the 1970s on the grounds of the Israel Museum, Charlotte Bergman’s private home is one of the most fascinating and intriguing gems in Jerusalem. An avid art collector, Bergman bequeathed her rare collection to the Israel Museum on the condition that she will not have to part with it, continuing to live with it for nearly thirty years. Upon her passing in 2002, most of her collection was moved to the museum galleries.

Israel Prize Laureate for his pioneering performance art work, Hadas Ophrat turns the spotlight to the Bergman House – a “cabinet of curiosities” at the heart of a museum. He traces the fine lines between private and public, personal and documentary, home and institution, and looks at the complex relationship between artists, collectors, museum, and visitors.

Moving between the spaces of the house, Bergman House: A Gallery Walk weaves together archival fragments from the museum’s collections and Bergman’s journals and letters. The collector’s life and spirit, which comes through her personal belongings and furniture, highlights the tension between the presence of a personal-private enclave in a formal, demarcated public space, enhancing the sense of the uncanny. A dissolving durational performance that resonates absence.

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